Hill & Jones


Hill & Jones, composed of actors Ryan Hill & Benjamin David, are a comedy double act based in Kent. Ryan and Ben have trained and worked as actors for over 20 years both in the UK and Los Angeles.

They have worked together since 2018 across a series of short film and on-stage projects. In 2019, they acted as leads in the award winning short comedy film, The Rough Gig, from which their on-stage Hill & Jones characters were born.

They are currently performing the third tour of their always-evolving Sketch Show Goes Wrong show, with performances at the Brighton Fringe, Tunbridge Wells Fringe, Chichester Fringe, Folkestone Live and the Stag Theatre, and are excited to be sharing their comedy with more audiences in 2024!

Portrait of Ryan Hill pointing downwards and Benjamin David pointing to one side, on a sky blue background
Performing in:
Ryan HILL and Ben JONES present their ‘SKETCH SHOW GOES WRONG’ with original material, tributes to comedy greats, and much more silliness! Ryan, the serious comedian, desperately tries to keep his comedy sketch show on the rails while Ben, the loveable idiot, can’t help but cause things to go wrong…