Jody Kamali

Jody Kamali is a character comedian, actor, and writer. With a background in contemporary clowning, he is a veteran of the Edinburgh Fringe, having written and performed fourteen solo shows over the past fifteen years.
Credits include
  • Stage:
    • Mr Sleepybum (Edinburgh Fringe)
    • Ironing Board Man (Soho Theatre)
    • Things We Do for Love (Edinburgh Fringe)
    • Mike Daly - Darts and All (Edinburgh Fringe)
    • Hotel Yes Please (Edinburgh Fringe)
  • Film/TV:
    • Golden Years (Netflix/Prime)
    • Harry Hill's Tea Time (Sky)
    • Casualty (BBC)
Jody is adapting his most recent solo show into a feature film with Alcove Entertainment. He is embarking on a 6-week national tour with Mr Sleepybum in October 2024.
Portrait of Jody Kamali wearing a navy blue top on a grey background
Performing in:
Do you have silly and strange dreams at night? Well, Mr Sleepybum does, and he's going to re-enact them all for you in this high-energy, interactive, kids' comedy show for the whole family. Mr Sleepybum awakes in his bed to find a room full of parents and children. A circus of silly sketches and…
In 2019, Jody had an epiphany in Wetherspoons. He questioned his life; the answers he got were poignant, complex, and hilarious. This is Jody’s origin story. It’s physical, energetic, and raw. Expect elaborate enactments of his working-class Bristol life, the feeling of being married to a Russian…
"Yes, my mother is angry at me, and she is right, she should be, I am a bad son." Beyond the media. Bear witness and grow our solidarity. "That day in the workshop, as the situation worsened with the sounds of explosions, shots and clashes, I decided to inform the children that we must help each…