Nadia Nadif


Nadia's credits include the National Theatre, The National Theatre Studio, The Sam Wanamaker Playhouse, Willow Globe Theatre Wales, BBC and BFI. She is an associate artist for Althea Theatre, The Factory, The PappyShow and National Youth Theatre.

She is also a singer, lindy hop dancer and voice over artist and is part of a troupe called Show Up, who improvise comedy musicals. She is a guest teacher for Folkestone Improv Theatre.

Nadia is represented by New Wonder Management.

Nada Nadif reading from a letter, wearing a turquoise top and scarf, inside a building
Photographed by Chloe Osbourne
Performing in:
"Yes, my mother is angry at me, and she is right, she should be, I am a bad son." Beyond the media. Bear witness and grow our solidarity. "That day in the workshop, as the situation worsened with the sounds of explosions, shots and clashes, I decided to inform the children that we must help each…