The Shank Band


John Pritchard - lead vocals
Pete Brown - bass, beats and programming
James Rowland - keyboards and guitars
Kev (Herby) Hart - drums and percussion

Co-founders of The Shank Band are Pete Brown and John Pritchard.

Pete Brown is musician, sound recordist, photographer and has won a best film award for directing and his artwork of animation, I Am Tree. The film has been entered into a number of other festivals and had its debut at the Tower Theatre as part of a Save The Prince's Parade evening. He has worked in theatre nationally and locally for most of his life. He has always loved listening and playing folk songs. Together with John Pritchard they started The Shank Band and their own production company called Rebel Art Productions.

John Pritchard has worked as an entertainer all his life. He has worked as a stand-up comic for 20 years and has sung since he was young. He has written, directed and performed the Dame for 6 years, providing huge amounts of laughter when acting in a comedy panto duo with local celebrity Mike Nolan. He has also been a theatre manager and now runs Rebel Art Productions.

Head photo of John Pritchard wearing a leather jacket and black hat, sepia toned
Portrait of Pete Brown dressed in dark clothes sat with his legs crossed, sepia toned
Performing in:
Electro folk. Traditional shanties & folk songs for the 21st century. Mixing traditional shanties & folk songs with high tempo electronica and EDM.