Destination: 'Old Hag'

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Welcome to Backstage! Here, you will find the 'Ladies of the Chorus' getting ready for opening night of Verdi's Macbetto.

If you're a regular opera-goer in this area, you'll have seen these three before as Cigarette Girls, Geishas, and Nuns - this time, they are the Witches!*

Despite their numerous appearances over the years, would you recognise them out on the high street? Or know their names if you ever met them? Who really are the people you only seem to see 'upstage'?

* There are only three witches due to budgetary constraints.

Written by & starring Bridget Hardy, Penny Rossano, and Samantha Houston.

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- ( ) The Grand Burstin Hotel: Grand Ballroom 3:50pm
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Bridget Hardy, Penny Rossano, and Samantha Houston are (uncredited) Presents
We aim to tell the stories of the people who go unnoticed... unappreciated... uncredited. With the people in the foreground making so much noise - the 'stars' of their various industries - we often forget about the people in the background who make it all work with little to no fanfare. We never…