Isle Of No'Man


Heartbroken stand-up comedian George travels to the Isle of No’Man (pronounced Norman), in a bid to find inner poise and stave off men, however distracting the men with movie-star looks and hunky sea-men might be.

Taking over the local café and trying to win over the locals becomes complicated when the problems he was trying to escape find their way across the sea.

Will George be able to make amends and be open to finding new love? Or will he fail spectacularly? Either way, his story will help you believe in love again. Or at least enjoy the failings of a dramatic comedian-cum-barista along the way, who has no idea what he’s doing.

This is a one-man show of a romantic comedy, written and performed by comedian Martin J Dixon, based on his debut novel Isle Of No’Man. Part storytelling, part stand-up, all told from George’s perspective, Martin will take you on a journey, to a fictional island, where the men are gorgeous, there’s laughs aplenty and the tea is hot!

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- ( ) The Grand Burstin Hotel: Grand Ballroom 5:50pm
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Illustration of a fictional island in the shape of Martin Dixon, with various parts mapped out, and the tagline 'No'Man is an island'
Illustrated by Ruby N. Ball
"Left his London audience in stitches" - The Sun Martin has been performing stand-up comedy for over a decade, taking shows to Edinburgh, Camden and Brighton Festival fringes, and performed audience warm-up for ITV's Loose Women. "Dixon has a remarkable gift" - Broadway Baby He won 2023's…