James Whale: Beyond Frankenstein


A theatrical journey through a cinematic world, this solo show written and performed by Tim Larkfield, tells the story of film director James Whale’s career in 1930’s Hollywood through a myriad of voices and characters. From Frankenstein to The Invisible Man, James Whale directed some of the greatest movies of all time.

So how did a working-class boy from Dudley end up in Hollywood, and why did he disappear from view? An expressionist and out gay man working in the studio system at the peak of Hollywood’s golden age, his moment in the movie-land spotlight lasted little more than 10 years.

James Whale: Beyond Frankenstein shines a light on his life and work, examining a sense of otherness and the outsider, and how his films still resonate, 90 years on.

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- ( ) The Grand Burstin Hotel: Grand Ballroom 11:50am
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Poster for James Whale: Beyond Frankenstein, with a man wearing a shirt, waistcoat and bow tie holding out his hands and lit in green, and in the background a Frankenstein monster shadow, a window with a sky lit by lightning, and film frames on a reel
Designed by John Bishop
Tim is an actor based in Margate. He has appeared in a wide range of stage and screen roles, and has a home studio for voiceover work. Before turning to acting, he trained as a broadcast journalist and worked at the BBC for many years.
Paragon Theatre Collective is Tim Larkfield and Sam Raffal. They are producing shows at the Edinburgh Festival Fringe.